Photos – Vienna 2015

From October 7-14, 2015, the Young String Performers’ Ensemble (including Trio Neutrino) travelled to Vienna as part of a musical exchange with the Johann-Sebastian-Bach Musikschule. It was an exciting and educational trip and we played multiple concerts (3 on our own in elementary and middle schools around Vienna, and 3 with ensembles from the JSBM).


Trio Neutrino at Bach Musikschule! Photo: Ashley Reed


Trio + Iñigo, roaming the streets of Vienna 🙂 Photo: Iñigo Gauthier-Mamaril


YSPF! Simi Sutton-Pollock, Delia Li, Stuart Matthews, and Daniel Wade

Photo: Sarah Parsons


Before the school concert… Photo: Emma Gauthier-Mamaril

Ashley Reed, Iñigo G-M, Daniel Wade, Delia Li, Simi S-P, Sarah Parsons, Stuart Matthews


The full ensemble (except Ember and Emma) before another concert. Photo: Emma G-M

More photos (*and videos!!!!*) available in the Conservatoire’s article and the YSPF Facebook page! They both have different photos so check them out!

Jaya Paquette-Jager, Daniel Wade, Ashley Reed, Yuyang Xie, Simi Sutton-Pollock, Delia Li, Iñigo Gauthier-Mamaril, Justin Azerrad, Sarah Parsons, Colton Reed, Stuart Matthews


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